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Thuja occidentalis ´Golden Smaragd´® GS – a golden opportunity for plantings

THUJA occidentalis Golden Smaragd



Thuja occidentalis ´Golden Smaragd´® is an impressive novelty. With the elegant golden needles it is the beautiful counterpart to the all-purpose Thuja ´Smaragd´. ´Golden Smaragd´® is an adornment hence the plant is very capable as solitaire, in groups or as a single plant.

Like the origin variety ´Smaragd´ ´Golden Smaragd´® grows into densely branched narrow cone up to a height of six metres. The branches are arranged in more or less constant levels and carrying a beautiful fine greenery.

Thuja occidentalis ´Golden Smaragd´® is an all-purpose plant which sets a golden course in every part of the garden.