Usage possibilities 'Golden Smaragd®'

Hedgemaster ; Solo artist ; latrine bucket king – a golden opportunity for planting

Hedgemaster: The novelty Thuja ‘Golden Smaragd®’ is the perfect counterpart of the universal Thuja ‘Smaragd’, which is one of the most popular and one of best variety for hedge use.
A hedge of Thuja occidentalis ‘Golden Smaragd®’ is an enrichment for every garden as well as for public areas. The golden needles cause an unbeatable distant effect. ‘Golden Smaragd®’ screens from views the whole year through. The plant is indeciduous, an air-filter against dust, absorbs street noise and is wind breaker as well as a shade dispenser. For many birds a hedge of Thuja offers valuable nesting sites.
‘Golden Smaragd®’ is adequate for hedges of up to four meters height. Thuja favours sunny places which are rich in humus and moderate watery. The evergreen tree is very hardy and gets along with cutting.

Solo artist: Thuja occidentalis ‘Golden Smaragd®’ is an impressive novelty. With the elegant golden needles it is the beautiful counterpart to the all-purpose Thuja ‘Smaragd’. ‘Golden Smaragd®’ is an adornment hence the plant is very capable as solitaire, in groups or as a single plant.
Like the origin variety ‘Smaragd’ ‘Golden Smaragd®’ grows into densely branched narrow cone up to a height of six metres. The branches are arranged in more or less constant levels and carrying a beautiful fine greenery.
Thuja occidentalis ‘Golden Smaragd®’ is an all-purpose plant which sets a golden course in every part of the garden.

Latrine bucket king: The always proven ‘Golden Smaragd®’ doesn’t only look great as a hedgeplant or as a soloplant, futhermore it makes beautiful golden accents in a latrine bucket on the balcony or on a terrace. With its yellow-golden colour it is still a big eye-catcher and makes a wonderful contrast, especially in autumn.


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