Origin of 'Golden Smaragd®'

The occidental arbor-vitae is a native plant of North-America and Canada. That’s why it is also known as American arbor-vitae. The very origin of this tree is from eastern Canada to the state of New York. Indians used the tree as log-boats. In the homoeopathy Thuja occidentalis is used against neuralgia, rheumatism and eczema.

In 1536 the occidental arbor-vitae was imported to Europe. The Thuja prooved themself as a real evergreen. During the centuries they lasted all varied trends in gardening. Even today it is hardly to imagine gardening without the approximate 300 named forms of Thuja. The popular ornamental shrub can be found everywhere as hedge, single plant or in a latrine bucket.

Thuja occidentalis ‘Golden Smaragd®’ with its golden needles is a spectacular novelty for the Thuja assortment. Habit and formation are the same like the million seller and proven variety ’Smaragd´. The new variety ‘Golden Smaragd®’ is an enrichment for every garden and public parks.
‘Golden Smaragd®’ was bred by Edward Kubik in Janowice, Poland from a seedling of Thuja occidentalis ´Smaragd`. After ten years of testing Kubik transmitted ‘Golden Smaragd®’ 2009 in cooperation with Kordes Jungpflanzen into trading.


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